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Paper laundry bag or XL storage bag (grey/brown)

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Washable paper and leather laundry bag

Paper wash bag or large organiser with riveted vegan leather strap.

Ideal laundry room storage for dirty washing, tough and lightweight and will fold flat when not in use .

Perfect for sweeping away large amounts of clutter for a quick tidy - and a great easy access toy storage solution . Easily holds a whole household worth of towels, blankets or cushions.

I'm sure there are many more uses - those are just the ones we've tried!

Dimensions: Width 40cm x Height 60cm
in grey or brown

These are sent flat packed and can easily be moulded into shape by hand. Simply pop them in the sink and scrunch up to make soften the fabric, mould and dry smooth (if you do this a few times you get an 'aged' look. Or, if you like them sharp and crease free, you can steam iron them when wet (carefully, on low!).

Washable Kraft paper is an eco friendly form of vegan leather it's tough and durable and slightly stiff like cardboard-but will move more like fabric if its repeatedly washed. 

We can also customise these with dye, initials or patterns.

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