Modify Our Oak or Walnut Wood Drawer Handles, change screw holes or custom length measurements

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Change screw holes to fit your existing furniture holes or modify length on Walnut or Oak wood handles shape as per photographs (this style only) in either Oak or Walnut.

Applies on all sizes from 50mm up to 1100mm handles

Please note this is NOT FOR THE HANDLE ITSELF it is a Modification listing ONLY

*Please buy one per handle you need to change on top of the handle itself*

Actual Handles available here:



Just drop a note in the comments box at checkout with your length or hole centre measurement.

***If the requirement is for custom hole spacing, please make sure to measure from the centre of the hole, as this is standard industry practice***

Handle details:

15mm wide angles shape handle with a small grab lip. Can be used horizontally as wood drawer handles or vertically as cabinet handles.

Supplied with fixing screws

Dimensions: 15mm wide x 18mm deep

Finished with a tough lacquer finish