What picture frame size do I need? The Ultimate Guide

What picture frame size do I need? The Ultimate Guide

Picture this: You've just received a beautiful print, and you can't wait to give it the showcase it deserves. But hang on a minute—"what frame size do I need?"

Well, fret not, because we've got you covered.

At Lelloliving, we offer a range of stylish black, grey or white wood frame, as well as top-notch solid oak picture frames.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dig deep into the art of framing A5, A4, A3, and A2 prints, so keep reading!

A5 frame, A4 frame and A3 frame with plant, vase and ornaments


Framing A5 Prints

What Frame Size Do I Need for an A5 Print?

The first rule of framing: size matters. An A5 print measures 148 x 210 mm. This size usually fits snugly into an A5 frame. However, frames often include a bit of extra space for mounting. But why stop at just fitting the print? 

Let's take it a step further. By adding a picture mount, not only will you ensure that your precious photographs and artworks are protected from touching the glass or cover of the frame, but you'll also elevate their presentation to a whole new level.

Add picture mount to make your image pop

A mount acts like a border, framing your artwork and adding that extra touch of style.

It provides much-needed breathing space between the canvas and the frame, safeguarding your artwork from potential damage and preserving its quality for years to come.

But that's not all. The mount also creates a shadow line along the edges of the picture, opening it up to the curious eyes of your viewers. This captivating visual effect adds depth and dimension, making your artwork pop.


A5 Prints with Mount: What You Need to KnowA5 frame with butterfly print, plant and 2 small vases. One of our white picture frames

A mount acts like a border that adds extra style and draws the eye. So, if you choose to add a mount to your A5 print, you'll need an A4 picture frame. The mount will reduce the visible area of the frame, perfectly accommodating your A5 print and giving it the attention it deserves. It's a simple yet effective way to enhance your artwork.

Solid Oak Picture Frames for A5 Prints

Solid Oak picture frames for A5 printsSolid oak frames offer both durability and a touch of class. Our range of solid oak picture frames are handmade wooden frames made from FSC certified wood right here in the UK. These A5 frames are high quality, but affordable.
They're not just frames; they're a statement. They are supplied unfinished so you can stain or lacquer them to fit your décor or leave the natural wood visible for a simple modern picture frame.
Each frame has a stand and hanger and can be used as either portrait or landscape standing or hanging frames.

Framing A4 Prints

What Frame Size Do I Need for an A4 Print?A4 print with mount

An A4 print is a bit more expansive at 210 x 297 mm. It’s like the A5 frames' big brother. Most people pop these into A4 frames without much fuss.
But let's say you want to go beyond the ordinary.

A4 Prints with Mount: The Essentials

In that case, a mount will be your best friend, elevating your print to gallery status. . In that case, a mount will be your best friend. And for that, you'd need an A3 picture frame

Solid Oak Picture frames set of 6 A3 frames

Framing A3 Prints

What Frame Size Do I Need for an A3 Print?

So you're into bigger prints, huh? An A3 print measures 297 x 420 mm. These A3 poster frames fill up more wall space and give off a grand vibe, especially as a set of 6.

Wood Picture Frame Options for A3 Prints

You can opt for our range of wooden picture frames. From black frames or white wooden frames to grey frames, a simple wood frame complements any modern home décor. They're affordable, stylish, and let’s face it, a bit of a show-off.

A3 Prints with Mount: The Guide

3 Green leaf prints in A2 black frames above a dining table

 With a mount, your A3 print will find its home in an A2 picture frame. It's like moving from a flat to a penthouse, taking your artwork to new heights of elegance and sophistication. So, if you're feeling ambitious and want to explore even bigger frame sizes, a mount is the way to go. Not only will it protect and enhance your artwork, but it will also make a bold statement, turning your photographs and artworks into captivating masterpieces

What Frame Size Do I Need for an A2 Print?

Now we're in the big leagues. An A2 print measures 420 x 594 mm. An A2 frame is into wall-dominating, conversation-starting territory. An A2 poster frame sits nicely above a mantlepiece or armchair or fills a nook.Hokusai print in A2 black frame

A2 Prints with Mount: What to Consider

If you decide on a mount (you ambitious thing, you), then you're venturing into even bigger frame sizes.

Framing A1 Prints

What Frame Size Do I Need for an A1 Print?

We're entering the realm of the gigantic with A1 prints, measuring a whopping 594 x 841 mm. If you have artwork or a print that is this size, it’s likely the centrepiece of the room.

When framing an A1 print, you’d naturally look for an A1 frame - these are very large wooden picture frames.

Picture this: an enormous A1 Japanese print in a large wooden frame making everyone’s jaw drop as they enter your home.Japanese horse print in A1 frame above a dining table in on of our white picture frames

Picture Frame FAQ's: 

  • What are the standard picture frame sizes?

Picture frames are often measured in inches, however, we keep ours simple by offering them in A paper sizes, which can be found here.

Our standard picture frame sizes include A5, A4, A3, A2, and A1. Knowing these sizes can make your frame shopping a breeze. For instance, if you're looking to frame an A3 print with a mount, you'd opt for an A2 frame.

  •  How does the A standard system work?

The A standard system works based on a simple equation: two of one size equal the next size up. For example, if you place two A2 sizes side by side, it will make an A1 size. This equation continues throughout the A format paper sizes, making it a straightforward system to understand.

 paper a sizes

  • How do you measure a frame for a picture? 

Picture frame sizes a5, a4 and a3Measuring a frame usually involves taking into account the length and width of the actual print, plus any additional space you’d like for a mount. Measure the print, then add on any extra centimetres for the mount, and you've got your frame dimensions. Framing A2 Prints

In addition to the A paper sizes, it's helpful to know the specific dimensions of each size in both inches and centimetres. This information can give you a better understanding of the dimensions and help you make informed decisions when selecting the right frame.

Here are the exact measurements for each A format paper size: -
A5: 5.8 x 8.3 inches | 14.8 x 21 cm 
A4: 8.3 x 11.7 inches | 21 x 29.7 cm 
A3: 11.7 x 16.5 inches | 29.7 x 42 cm
A2: 16.5 x 23.4 inches | 42 x 59.4 cm
A1: 23.4 x 33.1 inches | 59.4 x 84.1 cm

  • How do you hang a frame properly? 
Firstly, find the ideal spot on the wall. Use a pencil to mark where the top corners of the frame will go. You can use either nails or picture-hanging hooks to mount the frame. Use a spirit level to ensure it’s straight. Finally, step back and enjoy your handiwork. Yes, it's that simple!
  • How easy is it to hang Lelloliving frames?command strips for picture hanging
Super easy! Our wooden hanging frames come with hanging points for either portrait or landscape hanging. The A5 picture frames and A4 poster frames are also standing frames too.


They're all kept nice and lightweight so they can be hung with command strips for a no hassle quick fix.



Your Picture Mount Questions Answered:

1. What visual impact does a picture mount have on the artwork?
A picture mount adds an intriguing and engaging shadow line to the edges of the picture, opening it up to curious eyes. This visual impact enhances the overall presentation of the artwork and draws the attention of viewers.
2. How does using a picture mount protect the artwork?A4 picture frames with mount to protect artwork
Using a picture mount protects the artwork by creating a barrier between the artwork and the glass or cover of the frame. This helps prevent any smudging, sticking, or potential damage that could occur if the artwork comes into direct contact with the frame.
3. What is the purpose of providing breathing space between the canvas and the frame?
The purpose of providing breathing space between the canvas and the frame is to protect the photographs and artworks from directly touching the glass or cover of the frame. This helps prevent any potential damage that could be caused by direct contact.
4. How does a picture mount enhance photographs and artworks?
A picture mount enhances photographs and artworks by providing a breathing space between the canvas and the frame. This not only protects the artwork but also adds an intriguing and engaging shadow line to the edges of the picture, enhancing its visual appeal.
A5 photo frame with mount
5. Why is it recommended to prevent photographs and artworks from touching the glass or cover of the frame?
It is recommended to prevent photographs and artworks from touching the glass or cover of the frame in order to protect them from potential damage.
So there you have it—a deep dive into framing prints of various sizes. From solid oak picture frames to wood picture frames, Lelloliving offers a variety of options for all your framing needs.Whether you're a casual buyer looking for a frame for kids art or an avid art collector, proper framing is more than just a sideshow; it’s the main event.
Happy framing!
Gallery wall of picture frames in different sizes



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