11 Nursery Prints to Decorate Your Child’s Room

11 Nursery Prints to Decorate Your Child’s Room

Nursery prints are a great way to add some character to your child's room. It’s a space where your kid will spend the most time, so kids art for bedrooms should be fun and inspiring. 

Artwork for children can be anything, from your child’s favourite animal to a fun quote about childhood. 

You can choose big prints to cover a large wall section or make a collage with multiple smaller prints. 

Don’t forget to consider colours, especially if the nursery follows a particular colour scheme or theme. 

Here are our recommendations for the best nursery prints that both parents and their kids will love:

Superhero Puppy

jack russell puppy in a superhero outfit personalised name nursery print

Part of our superhero baby animals series. Not only are they super cute, but they're also educational; realistic animal bedroom wall art images help to develop recognition skills for babies and toddlers. Children can see what the animals in their storybooks really look like. 

The soft neutral backgrounds promote calm and fit with neutral nursery décor, or allow them to blend seamlessly into any modern wall decor.

Parents can use the prints as a starting point to teach their child about different animals, their unique characteristics or to fire the imagination as a basis for their own storytelling.

This particular print is our favourite as Bo is our very own Jack Russell Terrier who we reimagined in her very own superhero dog outfit!

These nursery animal prints can be personalised with a name or text below the print for the perfect new baby gift.

C is for Cat Print

This nursery cat print isn’t just a lesson in phonetics but also history. The illustration was featured in a beloved book for children from the 1920s and has been digitised for a fresh version.

The print depicts a fun orange cat next to a bowl of milk. Its vibrant hues add a pop of colour to make it an eye-catching focal point in the room, while its retro aesthetic lends a timeless appeal that effortlessly elevates the overall ambiance.

Whether your little one is a feline enthusiast or simply loves vibrant artwork, this print is sure to spark joy and imagination.

Welcome a piece of literary and artistic history into your child's space with this delightful nursery cat print and spark imagination and fond memories of bedtime stories.


Le Tiger

Le Tiger framed print, tiger nursery print on a green background

The Le Tiger print is super cute with a cartoonish illustration big cat print with its name in French. 

Originating from a vintage French children’s book dating back to 1912, this print carries a rich history and nostalgic allure. Perfect for lovers of vintage décor, it lends a timeless appeal to any nursery or children's room.

For those aiming to create a cohesive theme based around jungle animals, this artwork seamlessly blends in, adding a delightful element of jungle adventure to the space. Mix and match it with similar prints, frame them together, and create a  gallery wall set that transports you to the heart of the jungle.





Baby Dinosaur Print

Baby dinosaur print, realistic dinosaur in a dressing down framed print on a yellow wall

Another series of new baby animal prints, dinosaurs and animals in clothes as a cute personalised nursery poster collection. Our personalised nursery prints can be customised as a baby name print or with birth details.

Baby dinosaur nursery wall art print of a dinosaur in a bath robe makes for a great baby boy's nursery wall print.

Parents can also use the prints as a tool for imaginative storytelling, using the animals in the prints as characters in their own stories. The possibilities for fun and educational activities with nursery animal art prints are endless!

Go with a size that best fits into the space. 




Emoji Mood Emotions Poster

Emoji Mood Emotions Poster, different emoji feelings on brightly coloured blobs, the paper poster being held up in a yellow room

A retro-looking print depicting different emojis in blobs of colour. It's multicolour, with bright hues popping up on the white background. 

It can be used as a Montessori tool to teach kids about their feelings as an affirmations poster and how to act when feeling a certain way. Ideal for a for a calm down corner or playroom wall art.

But more importantly, it looks great, perfect for brightening a child’s room. 

You can get one big print or use multiple prints in smaller frames to create a collage-style display. 




Hello Sunshine

hello sunshine text inside a sun print, in magnetic poster hanger on a green wall

A simple yet fun art for children. The sun is drawn exactly how children draw it, adding a childish touch. 

Remind your kids that they’re your sunshine. They’re the light in your life. And also elevate the look of the walls in their room. 

Place this somewhere they can see it as soon as they wake up. So even when you’re not in the room, you’ve said hello to them as soon as they’re up.







Zebra Print

Framed zebra print on a white wall, realistic baby zebra in a jumper and bib

Add a touch of safari charm to your baby girl's nursery with our adorable Baby Zebra Print. Featuring a realistic baby zebra dressed in a pink and white striped jumper and bib, this print adds a whimsical touch to any nursery decor.

Customise it with your baby's name for an extra special touch

Perfect for safari-themed nurseries, it pairs beautifully with Lelloliving's safari wall hooks and safari animal drawer handles, creating a cohesive and delightful space for your little one. Bring the enchantment of the wild into your baby's room with these charming safari animal prints, sure to spark imagination and delight.




Penguin Mathematics

Teach addition and elevate your kid’s room’s aesthetic simultaneously with this black-and-white vintage poster. 

It shows six penguins on the left and eight on the right, with 6 + 8 on top of them. The penguins are pretty much just black silhouettes on white, giving the artwork a boho feel. 

This can make a great choice for a playroom, bedroom, or even a classroom. It can add that learning and growing vibe to the space. 


Baby Highland Cow

baby highland cow print, framed print of a young highland cow in a superhero mask on a white wall

Another of our personalised nursery prints, this baby highland cow print features a baby highland cow in a superhero mask adorably gazing down at you.  It's an ideal choice for any farm animal-themed kids' room, injecting a whimsical touch of personality into the decor

Pair this cow print with other illustrations from the LelloLiving nursery prints collection  to create a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere. To make it truly special, add your Childs name or a personalised phrase for a unique baby boy or baby girls gift. Let their imagination soar with this cute artwork that adds a dash of charm to their space.








Noah’s Ark

This artwork is a 1912 illustration of Noah’s Ark, Christian posters. It’s vibrant, featuring several animals on a boat, including giraffe, elephant, tiger, and crocodile. 

It’s a clever nod to history but also a fun take on animals. The colours will definitely attract the attention of your little one. 

This can go on a coloured wall as the background of the illustration is white. But that’s not a rule, so use it where it looks best. 


Be Kind quote print

Teach your child the importance of kindness from early on. This print of simple words ‘be kind’ can remind them to be kind to others. 

It’s simple and direct quote prints can also be repurposed to be used in other spaces in your room. 




How big should art be over the crib?

If you’re hanging a framed picture or poster over a crib, ensure it’s not too big to overshadow the entire piece of furniture. 

Ideally, it should not exceed one-third of the crib's height. Ensure that any art hanging over the crib is secure. Our framed prints feature Perspex safety glass and are lightweight for that extra peace of mind.

Where to hang pictures in a nursery?

You can hang pictures on the walls, over the crib, and even on the door. 

To decorate the walls in a nursery, use multiple frames. Pay attention to the theme and colour of the room. 

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