Patent Friday: Lego Man

Patent Friday: Lego Man

This is the first instalment of a feature inspired by our fantastic range of Patent Prints – first up Lego Man!

Ahh , Lego – a toy as instantly recognisable as any other.

Such a simple concept – yet one which has captured the imagination of millions of kids (and adults!) for almost 70 years. We visited Legoland for G’s 5th Birthday earlier this and it’s incredible to think that such a small toy can spawn such an empire.

Over 600 Billion Lego pieces have been made (of which around 100 billion have disappeared down the sofa / in the dog / into thin air) and there are now over 5000 types of ‘Lego Man’ adding up to a tiny army of almost 4 Billion cheery yellow chaps!

If your house is anything like ours, Lego pieces form a constant threat to bare feet, but did you know you could be stepping on a small fortune? Before you go rooting through the little ones Lego box, most of these were limited to only a tiny production run – but it’s fascinating to see how desirable these little plastic figures have become…!

  • 14-Karat Gold Plated Boba Fett - £8900
  • Only 2 were ever made and handed out as fan prizes at 2010 San Diego Comic Con
  • Cloud Dity Boba Fett - £7000
  • Made in 2003, this figures popularity was on the back of a Star Wars resurgence in the 00’s – the Lello Household’s favourite franchise!
  • Azog from the Hobbit - £2000
  • 100 were handed out at random to visitors to the 2013 San Diego Comic Con – clearly the place to visit if you want a piece of Lego History!
  • Gold - £950
  • Gold(!) from his elegant Tophat down to his feet – only 5000 were made and sold in plain packaging as a nice surprise for Lego fans to find.
  • Iron Man & Captain America - £900
  • 125 sets were made in 2012 and remain the most coveted pair of crime-fighting Lego figures to date.


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