Tenuous Link time: Our 5 favourite movies set in Arizona

Tenuous Link time: Our 5 favourite movies set in Arizona

Our absolute dream holiday is to drive Route 66, with the hood down and seeing the real USA. As we’re starting to think about booking next years holiday and because tonight is family movie-night, we thought we’d share our 5 favourite films set in Arizona, on Route 66.

  • Thelma & Louise – 1991
  • The ultimate friendship movie and a landmark feminist film – notable for the being the Launchpad for Brad Pitt’s career! Set against the backdrop of the stunning Arizona desert and packed full of 90’s nostalgia, there isn’t a dry eye in the Lelloliving house at the end!

  • Waiting to Exhale – 1995
  • “Friends are the People who let you be yourself – and Never let you forget it!”

    Love, heartbreak, friendship and Whitney – what a combination! Very much a chick-flick that makes you appreciate the important things in life and we love it.

  • A Million Ways to die in the West - 2014
  • Silly and packed with plenty of LOL’s, we always find this a good film to watch at the end of a long day, sprawled on the sofa and no need to concentrate on a complicated story.

  • Sicario - 2015
  • If there’s one thing we love, it’s a beautifully-shot movie – and they don’t come much better than Sicario. Set against the barren Arizona desert, the washed out camera effect really complicates the gritty storyline. Not one for the little ones – so make sure to watch it once they're safely tucked up in bed!

  • Everything Must Go - 2011
  • Like many shock-comedy actors who surprise audiences when they take on a more serious role, Will Ferrell provides a really powerful performance. Set mostly in his front yard, with not a cactus in site, the film is heart-warming and one of the closing moments of the film provides a quote that we can all call upon at one time or another5 – “Everything is not lost yet.”

    That's ours, what would be on your top 5?

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