World Egg Day & The Best short-story ever

World Egg Day & The Best short-story ever

I noticed that World Egg Day (surely that’s Easter Sunday, right?!)  was coming up last week and this reminded me of an absolute gem of a short story that I read years ago called, rather aptly, The Egg.

It’s a really fantastic concept written by Andy Weir – the main character is “you” – a 48 year old man who has passed away in a car crash. The book is narrated by “me” – and “me” is God telling “you” that you are next to be reincarnated as a Chinese Peasant girl in 540 AD.

The story goes on to tell “you” that the whole Universe was created as an Egg for the whole of humanity to live every human life ever, through endless reincarnation.

"Every time you victimized were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you’ve done, you’ve done to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human was, or will be, experienced by you." Once you’ve experienced all of that – you will become God.

I couldn’t recommend this highly enough – there’s adaptations on Youtube and the Audio Book is just fab. It’s even the bizarre inspiration for an American Rap Album from 2017 by Logic – though I’m not so sure about that!

And if the name of the author Andy Weir is familiar – he’s the guy who wrote The Martian which was depicted as a movie in 2015 starring Matt Damon – another favourite movie in the Lello Household.

So, to celebrate World Egg Day – here’s our top 3 egg-themed books:

  • The Egg – Andy Weir
    • Go on, find it. Then you’ll love it too!
  • Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss
    • One of my favourite book when I was growing up and even though written in 1960, it’s still fab!
  • Egg – Kevin Henke
    • G chose this from her school Book Club earlier in the year and reads it weekly! The illustrations are gorgeous too.
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