A time of firsts

A time of firsts


Welcome to the first post of our new blog.

Have you ever noticed how firsts, are like buses? They tend to pop up together

For us it’s a new house and life together meaning that nearly everything is a first, the first day of a new school, the first time we meet the neighbours, or the first time venturing to places and local businesses around us. Add to that the birthing pains of launching Lelloliving with our family business team of five, debuting our first product line of prints, and—of course—penning this very first blog post. Yes, life's practically brimming with firsts at the moment.

It’s like we’re obsessed with them, perhaps we are.

Search Google, and you'll find a cascade of articles glorifying the concept of 'firsts'—as if you should be showered with confetti and cards for every inaugural event. "Yay" or "Hooray, you’ve ticked off another milestone!" they cheer, conveniently glossing over all the gruelling effort that led up to that moment and the hard yards still to come.

Why is it that we focus so much on the starting line, as if once crossed, the race is already won? Life, my friends, is a marathon, not a sprint. Real 'firsts'—the ones that shift the trajectory of your life—are indeed rare, yet they tend to hog all the limelight.

But what if we reframe our perspective? What if we adopt the mantra, '#livethelittlethings', and celebrate every 'small' first with as much gusto as the 'big' ones? From the first sip of morning coffee that sparks your day to life, to the first time you overcome a fear that's held you captive—every first is an achievement worthy of its own parade.

So, here's to this first blog post, the first couple of hundred words I've penned without letting my apprehensions cage me in. Here's to the magic and mayhem that come with every 'first', the undervalued 'seconds' and the 'thirds', and all the wonderful ordinary moments that make up the tapestry of our lives, and the first time I’ve got past my fear of writing!

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