Travel Art: From vintage travel posters to modern travel prints

Travel Art: From vintage travel posters to modern travel prints

Imagine a world frozen in time, where the charm of distant destinations is captured in bold colons and romantic typography. The charm of retro travel art resides not just in their aesthetic but in the stories they tell. Once a window into the glamour of late 19th and early 20th-century voyages, these prints now hold a nostalgic magic.

The golden age of railway posters heralded an era where travel was more than movement; it was an art form. These pieces were the billboards of yesteryear, enticing travellers with picturesque landscapes and sleek locomotives, promising adventure on steel tracks. As we explore the iconic world travel destinations, we too yearn to recreate the elegance and excitement that once defined globetrotting.

Bridging past and present, we unveil a celebration of journey and destination through the lens of contemporary artistry. 

Lelloliving's new travel poster collection takes you from the vintage charm of classic travel poster art to the vibrant allure of modern travel prints, perfect for inspiring your next adventure or adding a touch of wanderlust to your wall décor. Join us as we traverse from history to modernity, discovering exclusive offers and releases for travel enthusiasts along the way.

The charm of retro travel posters

Retro travel posters are timeless windows into the past, showcasing the artistry and allure of travel advertisements that spanned from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century. Crafted with attention-grabbing colours, bold and imaginative typography, and distinct, stylized illustrations, these posters were designed to capture the imaginations of viewers and invite them on grand adventures to foreign lands and familiar destinations alike. 

At the heart of these works is the visual representation of the glamour associated with travel during those times. Iconic landmarks, from the majestic

Great Pyramids to the geysers of yellowstone, are rendered with artistic flair, promising the potential traveller scenes of beauty and excitement. Similarly, idyllic beach vistas, bustling cityscapes, and serene mountain retreats all vie for attention, suggesting a world ripe for exploration.



Retro travel prints belong to a grander tapestry of transport art, which seeks to tell the story of how people and places connect through various means of transportation. From the accuracy of a beautifully rendered steam train to the abstract forms evoking the speed of a 20th-century locomotive, this genre spans a wide range of artistic interpretations.


Modern advocates for this nostalgic art form often choose to display these pieces as sophisticated wall décor ideas. For instance, minimalist travel prints have surged in popularity, offering a more contemporary take on classic travel motifs, blending seamlessly into modern interior design. Whether framed with natural wooden frames to enhance their vintage vibe or presented in a crisp, modern gallery style, the charm of these vintage posters lies in their power to instil happy travel wanderlust memories and inspire new ones.


Discovering the nostalgia of vintage travel prints

The draw of vintage travel posters extends far beyond their aesthetic appeal. These pieces are vessels of history and nostalgia, each print a postcard from the past. As we rediscover the quaint charm of cities such as Nice, London, and New York vintage travel designs through these prints, we're transported back to travel's golden age. Detailed artwork by notable artists like Horace Taylor and Edward McKnight Kauffer immortalizes the vibrant life of bustling train stations and illustrious destinations, such as Uxbridge or the Lake District's Coniston.

Many of these classic prints feature historic transportation modes like luxurious ocean liners and regal railway carriages, saluting an era when travel was an elegant affair. Often, the artwork would boast sweeping landscapes and seascapes, or vibrant cultural emblems from destinations scattered across the globe—for instance, the exoticism of Cairo or the adventure of the rugged Puerto Rican landscapes.

These prints are more than just art; they are historical documents and mementos of the past. With vintage artwork hung on the walls, one invites not just aesthetic pleasure but a connection to the very essence of the places depicted. Collectors and travel enthusiasts alike can bring the charm of bygone travels into their homes, making spaces not just stylish but storied.

Whether seeking to add to a stylish collection of wall art inspiration or simply yearning for a piece of the past, vintage posters, such as the GWR Welsh Railway Travel Poster or a Cambridge Travel Art Print , offer both. They narrate a history filled with wonder and are a perfect gift for any travel connoisseur or a delightful splurge for yourself.

Rediscovering the golden age of railway posters

Rediscover the golden age of railway posters with a stylish collection that brings the romance of past travel adventures into your living space. These vintage travel posters, with their brilliant graphics and evocative designs from the art deco period. Created by renowned artists including LB Black, Arthur Watts, and Frank Newbould, they reflect a bygone era of travel destination s, offering a piece of history for your wall décor.

Take a journey through picturesque locales such as Coniston in Cumbria and the serene West Coast of Scotland. The iconic heritage of railway companies such as LMS (London, Midland and Scottish), Great Western Railway (GWR), and LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) lives on through these artistic prints. Whether you prefer the minimalist poster art prints or the vibrant national park prints, these works make for unique wall art inspiration .


World travel destinations to inspire your next adventure

Explore the world's most enchanting world destinations. From the vibrant streets of Tokyo and Japan travel to the serene landscapes of Lapland, or the slopes of Switzerland vintage travel these artful depictions awaken your wanderlust for places both near and far. Whether you're drawn to the vintage charm of British railways or modern minimalist travel prints, these pieces of art celebrate the joy of discovering new locations.

Liven up your space with wall art that captures the romance of France vintage destinations, Italy travel and the historic allure of Marrakesh. Adorn your walls with a stylish collection that travels across continents, from the majestic African savannas to the bustling streets of New York .

For a touch of British heritage, consider getting your Scottish Railway Travel or the picturesque Wiltshire Travel Print vintage travel posters framed. To incorporate a natural wood frame adds to the classic character of these pieces, enhancing your home with a taste of adventure. Keep an eye out for special offer s and product releases to add unique travel destination s to your collection of wall art inspiration.


Poster Style

Frame Option


Modern Minimalist

Natural Wood Frame


Vintage Travel

White Frame


Modern Travel

Modern Black Frame


Vintage poster

Oak Frame

Exclusive offers and product releases for travel enthusiasts

Travel enthusiasts, take note!

Lelloliving is thrilled to announce an exclusive new collection of best vintage travel prints for sale that will satisfy your wanderlust from the comfort of your own home. Our original vintage travel posters are a perfect blend of nostalgia and charm, while the modern art posters capture the essence of wanderlust with a contemporary twist. This stylish array of travel art is bound to pique the interest of anyone who dreams of distant shores and quaint local scenes.

Whether you're a fan of the classic allure of GWR Vintage travel prints UK or looking for something as fresh and on-trend as minimalist travel posters, our collection has something for every taste and wall space. We invite our customers to take advantage of our special offer s that envelop the spirit of Railway Travel Poster charm and much more. Stay tuned for our upcoming product releases – they're sure to inspire your next travel adventure and bring a piece of it into your living space.


Unveiling the latest travel art prints for your wall décor

Step into a world where every wall tells a story of adventure and beauty with the latest modern travel poster prints from Lelloliving. The UK pulsates with heritage and grandeur, and our new collection of posters captures the very essence of its iconic cities and landmark locations. The wall art inspiration drawn from this range can turn the mundane into the extraordinary with scenes for every nook, from your kitchen to your home office.

The collection spans a wide array of designs:

  • Vintage: Delve into the golden era with posters featuring LMS Vintage Travel.
  • Retro: Embrace the timeless styles with a Yorkshire Travel Print in retro fashion.
  • Modern and Minimalist: Adorn your living space with sleek prints that embody modern elegance.

For every print, customers have the autonomy to select the perfect picture frame to complement their décor.

. Choices include:

Alternatively, choose the unframed print-only option and get creative with your framing. These UK travel posters and prints go beyond mere décor; they are a portal to joyous travel memories, a celebration of the wanderlust spirit, forever captured in the arts.

Wall Art Inspirations:


Poster Style

Frame Option

Welsh Railway

Vintage Travel

Solid Oak Frame


Retro Travel

Black wooden Frame

Blyth Beach

Minimalist Print

Pristine White Frame

Bring home the essence of your favourite travel destination s and keep the spirit of adventure alive with these exquisite travel posters. Whether they're hung in your foyer or your workspace, they're sure to spark conversation and joy. Get ready to discover your perfect wall décor with Lelloliving's travel art collection.

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