Why Magnetic Poster Hangers Are the Future for your walls

Why Magnetic Poster Hangers Are the Future for your walls

Magnetic poster hangers are the game-changer in wall art display

Jimi Hendrix colourful poster

Imagine this: You've just snagged a limited edition poster of your favourite band, and you're ready to show it off.

The question is, how do you get it on your wall without a hint of damage or commitment to one spot? Enter magnetic poster hangers.

These sleek, ingenious devices are not just another trend; they're a revolution.

With their ease of use, minimalistic charm, and gentle yet secure grip on your precious prints, magnetic poster frames are quickly becoming the go-to for art enthusiasts and interior design aficionados alike.

From the preservation of your art to the decluttering of your space, the benefits of using hanger frames over traditional methods like sticky tape, thumbtacks, or cumbersome frames are numerous.

Not only do they champion the no-damage policy for your walls, but they also bring a certain elegance and modernity that other display options lack. Let's peel back the layers of history to see how we've arrived at this pinnacle of poster presentation.

The Evolution of Wall Art Display

small painting of flowers in a large, ornate gilt picture frame

Since the days of ancient civilizations, humans have sought ways to display their art. From chiselling images into stone to the grand tapestries of medieval times, the quest to showcase creativity has been ever-evolving.

Fast forward to the 19th century; the picture frame became the standard. However, it was not without its drawbacks — bulky, permanent, and often overshadowing the art itself.

As we zoom into the 21st century, the rise of minimalism and flexibility in interior design has set the stage for a new hero: magnetic poster hanging frames.

From galleries to the bedrooms of the most avid Tumblr users, the way we exhibit our art has shifted to something that's not only practical but also pleasing to the eye. The transformation has been profound, moving from the permanence of past methods to the modernity and adaptability of magnetic hanging systems.

What Are Magnetic Poster Hangers?

Oak magnetic poster hanger in a nursery

Magnetic poster hangers are the epitome of functional design.

Crafted from a variety of materials such as natural wood, or eco-friendly composites, these magnetic hangers consist of two strips that clasp the top and bottom edges of your poster with strong, yet gentle, magnets. The result? A firm hold without puncturing or creasing the paper.

Designed with a clean and contemporary look, the understated elegance of oak or the modern vibe of black, the choices are as varied as your posters themselves.

Why framing your art is important

Every house has its personality and its definition. Everything in the home contributes to this personality and meaning, and wall art is one of the most important contributors.

Its presentation depicts the aesthetic sense of the people living in that house. The kind of art that you put up will describe your knowledge of creativity. 

various hanging art in a coastal beach style

Usually, framing art is given the least importance and dealt with at the end of the whole decoration of the house, but the truth is that it should be a part of the entire décor of the home from the very beginning regardless of whether your décor is a modern sophisticated theme, or something more whimsical.

How to hang a poster with other damage free wall hanging options

Command Strips

command strips for posters
Command strips are a well known go-to for hanging art prints, available in various shapes and sizes. They're wall-friendly but can occasionally strip paint and damage posters, so caution is advised. Opt for strips with a "pull to remove" tab for the best results. Ideal for textured or brick walls, they can be ordered alongside custom posters or easily found in stores and online.




Sticky Tack / Removable Putty

Blu tack removable putty

Another wall-friendly poster holder option, sticky tack is both cheap and versatile. Warm it up, stick it to your poster, then your wall. It's great for textured surfaces and temporary hangs but can leave marks on matte finishes and greasy marks on your poster. Over time, it can become harder to remove.

Poster Tape

Poster tape is a budget-friendly, specialized tape designed for this very task. Double-sided and medium-adhesive, it’s kind to your walls and posters. Not ideal for textured walls or papers or heavy posters, but widely available and easy to use.

Velcro Tabs

velcro tabs on a roll

A robust option for heavier posters and photo frames, Velcro tabs are also peel-and-stick but provide a sturdier hold. They're bulkier than tape so your poster won't sit flat but won’t damage most walls, although can still take thin paint finishes off. Ideal for posters made from thicker materials like cardstock, they're available in stores and online.



All of these methods work simply and cheaply, but they don't provide any kind of frame to the poster to present your artwork.
Presentation is important!

Wood poster hanging options 

Each Lelloliving poster hanging kit consists of two magnetic wooden bars fitted with strong magnets. You simply place your poster or artwork between the bars and let the magnets do their magic. It's as easy as pie, really.

For a smaller, truly versatile renter friendly option though, try our magnet dots, poster hanging magnets which stick to the wall with command tape and hold your artwork without any poster frame at all.

magnetic picture hanging dots holding a poster on the wall


How to Hang a poster with Your Magnetic Picture Hanger

Poster hanging kits, Solid oak magnetic poster hanger and Walnut magnetic hanger next to 2 pots

Tools You'll Need

You'd be surprised how few tools you actually need for this. A magnetic hanger , a level, and perhaps a measuring tape are more than sufficient.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Identify the Spot: Measure your wall and mark the spot where you want your art to hang. Use a level to ensure it’s straight.

  2. Unbox the Kit: Your poster hanging kit will come with the wooden magnetic bars and a hanging cord.

  3. Align and Snap: Place the artwork between the wooden bars, ensuring it's properly aligned. Snap the magnets together to secure it in place.

  4. Hang It Up: Suspend the hanger from your pre-marked spot on the wall. We usually hang via our wooden wall hooks which can be taped to the wall with nano tape, but brass pins or nails work just as well. For more renter friendly options, command hooks (below) work perfectly too.

  5. Enjoy the View: Step back and admire!

    command hooks for picture hanging

Magnetic poster hangers: Advantages Over Traditional Hanging Methods

Traditional hanging methods like nails, screws, and hooks might seem like the go-to options, but they come with their own set of headaches—wall damage, complicated installation, and the sheer terror of art falling down.

Poster hangers provide a fresh perspective on how to hang your precious pieces without breaking a sweat... or your wall.

Magnetic picture hanging dots

Preservation of Art

The primary selling point for magnetic hangers is the preservation of your artwork. With no tape, glue, or pins required, your art stays in pristine condition. You can easily move or swap it without worrying about wear and tear.

The bottom bar also adds weight to keep any previously rolled poster sitting flat.

Versatility of Magnetic poster hangers

Magnetic hanger holding a woollen rug on the wall, next to a plant on yellow table and magnetic print hanger holding a print

Because they don't damage the walls, magnetic art hangers are perfect for those who rent their living spaces. And let's not forget, they work well with different types of materials, be it paper, canvases, or fabric art.

Lelloliving's Oak and Walnut poster hangers have such strong magnets, we've even hung  a long woollen tapestry with them!



Hanging a woollen rug with a magnetic picture hanger and oak wall hook

The Aesthetic Appeal of Simplicity

Helen Wylie art exhibition using magnetic poster hangersIn an age where less is more, magnetic picture hangers fit right in. They echo the minimalist design principles that have taken over home décor: clean lines, simplicity, and the 'less-is-more' philosophy. Unlike the bulky frames of yesteryear, these hangers don't crowd your artwork or clutter your walls. Instead, they frame your posters with a whisper of structure — enough to hang properly but not so much as to distract from the art itself.

This makes them also perfect for art exhibitions like this fabulous artwork by artist Helen Wylie.

What's more, their simple elegance means they can slip seamlessly into any décor style, from Scandi-chic to urban industrial. They bridge the gap between function and form, turning your walls into a curated exhibition of your personal taste, effortlessly.


Cost-Effectiveness and Value

When it comes to hanging posters, the budget can be just as important as aesthetics. Traditional frames can be pricey, especially if you're aiming for something custom or with archival quality. Magnetic art hangers, on the other hand, are a wallet-friendly alternative that don't skimp on style or substance.

picture hanging with magnetic poster hangersTheir value extends beyond the initial cost, as well. With the ability to swap out posters in a snap, you can refresh your space with new art as often as you like without additional expense or effort. This not only saves you money in the long run but also encourages an ever-evolving art collection that grows and changes with your tastes and experiences. The result is a living gallery that's as dynamic as it is economical.

FAQs: All You Need to Know About Magnetic Picture Hangers

What is the best way to hang posters?
For an in-depth look at different methods, this guide can help. But let's be real; our Poster hanging kit wins hands down for their simplicity and style.

What holds up posters without damaging them?
Poster tape, Velcro tabs, picture frames or magnetic picture hangers, of course! No glue, no blu-tack, and certainly no nails.

How to hang posters cheaply?
While a poster hanging kit is a small investment, they save you in the long run by preserving your art. Nano tape or Blu-tack is super cheap if you don't mind risking the artwork.

How Do You Make a Poster Look Classy?

The secret sauce to making any poster look classy is a dark coloured black or Walnut magnetic art hanger. Its sleek, bold and minimalist design complements the artwork, framing it in a subtle but impactful way.

How do you hang posters like an adult?
Forget blu-tack and sticky tape. A magnetic hanger gives your poster the dignity it deserves.

Walnut poster hanger

Poster hanging frames are not just a functional tool; they're an aesthetic game-changer. So, if you're looking to elevate your art, you know what to do!


The Final Frame: Why Magnetic Poster Hangers Resonate in Modern Design

Magnetic poster hangers are more than a trend; they're a transformative approach to displaying your art. By eschewing the clunky and permanent solutions of yesteryear, these elegant tools provide a fresh, dynamic way to celebrate posters. They honour the integrity of your art by avoiding damage, adapt effortlessly to any interior theme, and offer unparalleled ease of use. The modern aesthetic they embody is clean and focused, bringing the artwork itself to the forefront.

As we continue to embrace change and flexibility in our living spaces, magnetic wooden poster hangers stand out as a testament to innovation in interior design. By offering a sophisticated and accessible means to display art, they have secured their place in the modern home.

They are not just a smart investment for the art lover but a nod to the minimalist movement that continues to influence our homes .In an era that values both form and function, these hangers strike the perfect balance, ensuring that our walls are canvases that reflect our evolving stories and styles.

Poster hanger frames on a marble background

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