Our Story

Our Story

It all started with our vintage patent prints, we began painstakingly digitally colouring each file pixel by pixel to create something a bit different as a side project to our furniture design business at the time. These took off, and now they are a widely popular style! 
We first started printing, and framing in our home space whilst creating unique furniture and homewares.


Following a number of deaths in the family, we had a bit of a rethink on our business why (why we do what we do). The loss made us hone in on our family, the desire to work from home around our children whilst still being creative. So we scaled back on furniture design and made Lelloliving our sole focus, bringing it back to the home and within the family. 
We also moved into a nuclear family setting (3 generations, and 6 dogs in 1 house!) and out into the countryside, the lifestyle becoming our passion and driving love behind what we do.
Lello was named from one of my daughter's cute toddler words, with all products handmade in the UK and hand finished in our home. 
We built a core of vintage prints designs, following a passion for antiques and antique artwork. Since we'd also come to this from a large furniture design operation we included some small woodworking products from the start as we carried on making things we loved.

Lockdown & Beyond

Lockdown for us was a bit of a re affirmation of the way we want to live -that home focused family life in our rural setting is definitely our vibe!
Lello took off, and we became one of the last ones standing, still selling prints and picture frames without shutting down. We became the top selling shop on Etsy for a large number of our products for a while and the entire family had to help sending out over 20, 000 orders. At the end of Lockdown, we were in the top 0.1% of Etsy shops, and we still sell on there today.
We moved out of the house (after we filled the driveway with pallets too many times!)  into a 5000 sq ft warehouse unit and made it work around us; installing a soft play (why not?!) so the children could be with us & be entertained while we are working and creating a live-work space (full of art!) for the business to look after both our health and that of those who work with us.
We expanded our product range to include picture hangers, more handmade homewares and added a printed T-shirts section. We also keep adding more modern print designs as and when creativity strikes and offer a 'print & frame anything' service so that you add your own creativity too.
Our passion is our home and we love to create for it, we share that love with every item we create and every thing we send!
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