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Magnet Dots: Oak Poster Hanging Magnets, Magnetic poster hanging kit

Magnet Dots: Oak Poster Hanging Magnets, Magnetic poster hanging kit

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Magnet Dots: Poster Hanging Magnets for Easy Wall Art Display

Looking for an effortlessly sleek way to hang your favourite art pieces? Our handmade Solid Oak Wall Magnet Dots are minimalist and functional.

These aren't your typical poster hangers—these are game-changers!

Each set of our Magnet Dot poster hangers is carefully crafted from solid Oak, offering a unique blend of aesthetic allure and practical utility.

These handmade gems seamlessly fit into any décor while the strong magnets make sure your art stays right where you want it.

Wooden Poster Hanger Sizes 

The Wall Magnet Dots come in two distinct sizes:

  • 30 mm dots: Ideal for regular-sized artwork and prints - up to A3 size

  • 60 mm dots: Perfect for heavier or larger pieces like canvas and tapestries

  • For even larger or heavier pieces, simply add more dots!

Whether you're hanging a tapestry, a heavy canvas, or even thicker cardstock, these Oak wall magnet dots have you covered. The strong magnets have enough grip to hold up against gravity's test.


Magnetic Hangers: More Than Just For Posters

Think outside the frame! These powerful Oak picture hangers are perfect for more than just your posters. They're brilliant for hanging art, charts, certificates, and yes, even those heavy tapestries or canvas prints. Available in two convenient sizes—30mm and 60mm—these dots are up for any challenge.

Maintain the Art's Integrity: Your Art Deserves Better

Much like our wood poster hangers, these wall magnet dots help to preserve the quality of your art. Say goodbye to pins, tapes, and adhesives; let the Oak and magnet combo do the heavy lifting.

Poster Hanging Installation

How It Works: Effortless Installation, Zero Stress

Installing your Wall Magnet Dots is a breeze, and you won't need more than the set itself.

  1. Prepare Your Wall: Choose where you want your art to hang. Clean and dry the area.
  2. Stick One Dot: Use the included removable nano tape to attach one Oak disc to your chosen spot on the wall.
  3. Poster hanging: Place your artwork so that it aligns with the wall-attached disc.
  4. Apply the Second poster hanging magnets: Snap the front Oak disc onto the artwork, aligning it with the wall-attached disc. The magnet will hold it firmly in place.

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