Hand made door stop, Leather twist and wood door stop, colorful door stop, modern oak doorstop, handmade home decor wooden stopper for door

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Handmade Oak door stop, wooden door bumper with a bright leather twist detail

Solid Oak wood dowel door stopper or bumper to protect your doors from hitting the wall -permanent fixed solution and not just a wedge. Available with a screw attachment (suitable for carpet or wooden floors) or with a double-sided sticky fitting for tiled or hard floors.

The bright color pop leather gives additional protection and can either be turned so the twist faces the door and is visible or to the wall for clean modern lines.

Finished in a natural hardwax oil or left unfinished for a paler look.

Dimensions: width: 60mm x height: 60mm (2.4")

Leather: Black, White, Blue , Lime Green, and Neon Orange

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